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Quanum Pagoda-3 Omnidirectional Antenna 5.8GHz RHCP-SMA (2pcs)

Барааны код: 259

The Quanum Pagoda-3 omnidirectional antenna was designed by Maarten Baert who wanted some key features to be incorporated into his design, these were as follows;

• Good omnidirectional radiation pattern
• Good axial ratio
• Compact dimensions
• Spacer between PCB's
• Easy to manufacture and at low cost

He succeeded in his goal in designing an antenna with these attrubutes. The Quanum Pagoda-3 antenna is built using PCB's spaced at exact intervals with the final design taking months of fine tuning. The Quanum Pagoda-3 also have spacers in between the plates to ensure they are kept aligned with each other. The end result is an antenna with a smoother radiation pattern and a significantly better axial ratio than most other antenna's.

Polarization: RHCP
Center Frequency: 5.8GHz
Bandwidth: 500MHz (5.55~6.05GHz)
SWR: S11 < -20dB, VSWR < 1.22 (at center frequency)
Axial Ratio: < 1.3
Gain: 1.2dBi
Radiation Efficiency: 95%
Weight: 9.9g
Dimensions: 95 x 22.5mm
Connector: SMA-plug (crimp shield + heatshrink)

2 x Quanum Pagoda-3 antenna


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